BPW Estonia toivottaa Hyvää Maan päivää 22.4.2021

BPW Estonia presents  Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day, join women leaders and women everywhere in a green wave of pledges and adopt a new sustainable habit!
This Earth Day (April 22), BPW Estonia be presenting our brand new chant “I am the Earth”, born out of women’s care for the planet and thoughts for Mother Earth.

Our song__


On Earth Day 2021, BPW Estonia  invites you to reflect on how you could make a difference, big or small, by changing or adopting just one habit. We invite you to give a pledge for the benefit of a more sustainable world, and keep it up for a year, until the next Earth Day comes. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF HOLDING THE EARTH + MAKE A PLEDGE AS YOU POST IT!

The lyrics for the chant were created by Birgid Täht and Marii Väljataga. The music was composed by Birgid Täht and arranged by Marii Väljataga. It is performed by singers Helin-Mari Arder, Kadi Toom and Marii Väljataga. The chant will be sung in both English and Estonian.????
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Estonia, Siiri Puttonen, President of Tallinn Club  is one of the initiators of Green BPW Europe.