BPW Europen koordinaattori Anu Viksin ajatuksia tulevaisuudesta

My first 30 days as the BPW Europe Regional Coordinator…
…have been challenging! As I look back on this first month it seems like a year and on the other hand it has been just a month.
I’m happy to announce the new Theme of the Triennium 2021-2024: Inclusion-Innovation-Inspiration through Commitment.
The world changed drastically a year ago with COVID-19, when I was elected the next Regional Coordinator of European Clubs and using digital tools and communication became the new normal. Hence, my first mission was to establish a Communication Team under the lead of Sheerah Kim from BPW Switzerland and Singapore. BPW Europe and its work has to be visible, through visibility we are seen, heard and respected. Using modern digital platforms we can reach our members, other organizations and societies on a larger scale.
Furthermore, we established the Working Group Team chaired by BPW Ireland President Moyra McMohan to take the work of BPW Europe on the next level such as Equal Pay Day, Green and Sustainable, Boards With Women, Charter on the Girl`s Rights etc., which we will introduce to all members in the upcoming weeks.
Last but not least, I’d like to mention also the ECC (European Coordination Committee) and BPW Iceland who are preparing the events and venue for the BPW Europe 17th Regional Conference and the Young BPW Europe Symposium in Reykijavik Iceland on 27-29 May 2022 https://bpwiceland2022.is/. The website is still in process of adding information, but you can already see how wonderful Iceland is. Please get ready for the Iclend Conference and Young Symposium next year in May! As BPW Iceland promised the volcano will still be active next year in May. ????
Wishing you a wonderful Spring time, ????
BPW Europe Regional Coordinator