The Women Empowerment Conference on WEPs webinaari 24.4.

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The Women Empowerment Conference on WEPs webinaari 24.4.

24/04/2021 klo 12:00

BPW UK is organizing the Women Empowerment Conference on WEPs and Public Health issues on 24 April at 11 am Brussels time (kello 12 Suomen aikaa). WEPs are going to be introduced at the afternoon session at 3 pm Brussels time by members of BPW Canada Doris Hall and Sheila Crook, who are the leaders in developing WEPs uptake in Canada. BPW Canada are signatories to the WEPs.
Becoming WEPs signatory is the objective for many BPW Europe Federations and Clubs. Please take part in the BPW UK purposeful event and get to know the procedure of becoming the WEPs signatory.

Thank you, Helen Ashworth and BPW UK for your great and needed initiative.

Please register to the event through the link of the attached banner or BPW UK Facebook page

Please share with your members!

With best wishes,
Anu Viks
Executive BPW International
Regional Coordinator
BPW Europe