Huhtikuun nainen on Anu Viks


My name is Anu Viks. I am the BPW Europe Regional Coordinator. BPW International is the worldwide organization spread on 5 continents in 116 countries with more than 26000 members. The position of the Regional Coordinator for every region was established in 1980-ties to coordinate the work on 5 continents. The Coordinator is elected for 3 years by the trienniums of BPW International. My term is from 2021 – 2024.

I have been the member of BPW Estonia since 2002. My dream was to belong to an organization who works for women, gives women the confidence and supports them in the career and enables to share their experiences and learn from likeminded women. I found this place in EENA/BPW Estonia. Few years later I became the President of Tallinn Club and the President of EENA/BPW Estonia 2015-2018. In 2019 I received many supporting advises to run for the Coordinator of BPW Europe. I became the Coordinator in 2021.

BPW is the only organization in the world that stands for women economic empowerment. Women economic freedom is our mission. How does BPW Europe work for it? BPW Europe has 6 Working Groups – Green and Sustainable World, Learning for Leadership, Equal Pay Day, Women on Boards, WEPs, Charter on the Girls rights. Every member of BPW can join these Working Groups and work on European level together with members from other countries. Working together and sharing experiences and supporting each other is the best way to advance your communication skills, knowledge of practices in other countries, find lifetime friendships, learn from other`s experiences. On the Club levels we encourage women to share their experiences in business, work and life balance, challenges in the career, how to overcome the backlashes, how to prepare for work interview, how to improve the leadership skills, how to negotiate and how to include people in decision making processes. The same kind of work is done on the European level and on BPW International level.

The BPW Europe Regional Conference will take place in Malta from 23 – 25 May 2025. Come and join European members in Malta, discover the friendliness of European members, take part of the activities, learn at the panel discussions and workshops, share your experiences, experience the warm welcome from BPW Malta Club.

I encourage all young women who want to have exciting experiences and develop their networking, business, leadership skills, who want to share their stories in a safe environment, get inspired by other members, find likeminded friends, to join BPW.

I always say to the newcomers that at first you have to give and then you will receive back hundred times more. This the joy of voluntary work. At first you give by participating in the work of your Club, helping in arranging events, networking and one day you will notice how many women will reach out to you!

My moto is “Everything is possible, just reach out and it will come to you”.

Anu Viks April 2024