Kesäkuussa kuukauden nainen on Siiri Tiivits-puttonen

Kesäkuussa kuukauden teemana on ympäristö ja sen myötä haluamme nostaa esiin BPW Together for Green and Sustainable -työryhmän perustaneen Siiri Tiivits-Puttosen. Hän perusti ryhmän ensin BPW Euroopan liiton jäsenyhdistyksille, mutta se on nykyisin jo kansainvälisen liittomme virallinen Task Force. Lue lisää innostavasta naisesta, joka tekee työtä meille kaikille yhteisen ympäristön hyväksi.


Who are you and what is your role in BPW?

My name is Siiri Tiivits-Puttonen, and I am an active member of BP (Business and Professional Women) Estonia. I’ve been in BPW since 2017. Then I started with building Estonian organisation new webpage and created an communication strategy and team. Professionally Im an accomplished eCommerce and digital channels strategist with a fervent dedication to green and sustainable business development. That’s why in 2020, I started with the support of European co-ordinator  BPW Europe Green and Sustainable Working Group which chair Im since, and since 2021, group expanded to be the Green and Sustainable Taskforce in BPW International. In my role, I contribute to our mission of empowering women in the workplace and society through advocacy, education, and networking opportunities specially focusing to the environment. I´m married with a wonderful finnish man and we have 3 dogs.


What made you want to get involved in BPW? What has this given to you?

My journey with BPW began with a deep-seated passion for gender equality and the empowerment of women. I was inspired by the organization's commitment to creating a level playing field for women in business and professional environments. BPW has given me invaluable opportunities to connect with like-minded women, learn from their experiences, and gain the confidence to advocate for change. It has broadened my perspective, enriched my professional life, and provided a supportive community that fosters growth and leadership.

Proposing the BPW Green Ambassadors Movement

Tässä helppo tapa lähteä mukaan toimintaan ja suoraan kansainväliseen liikkeeseen. Siiri Tiivits-Puttonen, joka on perustanut BPW Together For A Green and Sustainable World Task Forcen aloittaa nyt BPW Green Ambassadors movementin. Lue lisää alta:

Let`s start the BPW Green Ambassadors movement. A Green Ambassador is a member of the Green and Sustainable Working Group and acts as the bridge between the local organization and the working group. They will share information, motivate club members to join in events, organize events, and follow the fulfillment of guidelines prepared in the resolution: “Together For A Green and Sustainable World”.

The actions, together with communication, provide the organization with the following benefits:

  • Organizational growth - more young members.

  • Possibilities to write projects for obtaining funding to raise awareness for both BPW and sustainability

  • An active green entrepreneur women's network.

  • Contributing to saving the planet for future generations.

Green and sustainable is possible!

Please find our song which is in finnish aswell:

Please find our green resolution for BPW Europe here:

Please support our Green international motion in St Kitts!

Siiri was proposed by Europe co-ordinator to candidate as Chair of Enviomental and sustainable committee. Let`s vote her there.

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