BPW Green and Sustainable team meeting

  • ke 5.4.2023 klo 20
  • Zoom

The meeting points are:

1. EARTH DAY on 22.04 allover-invitation is attached to thjis email. Please share it among your people. The designs will be ready for our meeting.

2. Communication team and channels

3. Who is coming to Bryssels

4. Silvia feedback from UN

5. Different actions at different clubs

6. I was invited to lead green enterpreneur  following event in Malta www.gvsummitexpo.com. Thank you Mariella for this contact.

Also we have great news - Our Marii gave birth to baby girl on 9th of Februray. She will join to organise Earth day.

If you want song with german and french language please connect her.

Our meeting link will be:

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. 

When: Mar 15, 2023 19:00 Brussels 

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