BPW Europe Green and Sustainable Resolution


On Saturday at BPW Europe President Meeting Green and Sustainable Working Group is presenting “BPW Europe Green and Sustainable Resolution”.

This resolution is about how to act green and sustainable in the BPW organisation.

It includes the following issues:

● Green and sustainable mindset of every national BPW Europe Federation and Affiliated Clubs and its members

● How BPW should organise events?

● What the guidelines are for green office?

● Recommendations for travelling.

Green and sustainable mindset of every important to follow by every BPW Europe Federation and Affiliated Club and its members.

The world we live in is in constant change. At an ever increasing pace we need to keep up with technological innovation, replace outdated norms with sustainable ways of thinking while coping with a growing flood of information.

We women can only make a difference and shape a green and sustainable world if we take action. If we want women to lead sustainably tomorrow, we need women that are aware of the problems of Mother Earth today. Knowledge about this decides who will be a future leader and who won’t.

Our goal is to shape sustainability from a women’s perspective.

Therefore, we need to organise lectures, events, workshops, and company visits in the following sectors:

  • Sustainability in Politics
  • Sustainable Economy & Industries
  • Sustainable Awareness & Lifestyle

In this resolution we propose that every region and BPW club will make its own guidelines and procedures on how to be part of saving nature and the world for the next generations and include:

  • Responsible person in local board yearly, who is taking part of monthly Green and Sustainable working group meetings and is the Green Ambassador* in your local organisation.
  • Organisation is taking  part at least in organising 1 bigger sustainability event in a year to raise awareness on the topic. (F.e Earth day)
  • Organisation is taking part and communicates  the working group actions to the regional members and newcomers.

* Green ambassador is the person who is the member of the Green and Sustainable working group and is the bridge between the local organisation and working group to share the information, motivate club members to join in events, organising events and following the fulfilment of guidelines brought out below.

The actions, together with communication  are giving to the organisation following benefits:

  • Organisational growth - more young members
  • Possibilities to write projects for getting foundation to raise awareness for both BPW and sustainability
  • An active green entrepreneur women network
  • Giving your part for saving the planet for future