Kesäkuun nainen on Siiri Tiivits-Puttonen


Who/what has helped and supported you?

Throughout my involvement with BPW, I have been supported by a network of incredible women who have shared their wisdom and experiences with me. Mentors within the organization have played a pivotal role in my development, offering guidance and encouragement at every step. Additionally, the collaborative spirit of BPW members has created an environment where we all uplift and empower each other.

I´m specially grateful for 3 women:

  • Ester Eomois (BPW Estonia president 2018-2022) - my mentor and partner in Estonian Green and sustainabilty program which is supported 2 years by Coca-Cola Foundation.

  • Anu Viks (BPW Europe co-ordinator 2020-…) by helping and supporting to fill the dream – women for Mother Earth

  • Jo Kinsey (BPW UK president) – by believing in green future and supporting the endevour internationally specially together with PIP Sylvia Perry in challenge og prepearing world wide green resolution for BPW.

I believe alone you can do something, but together you fly! I´m very grateful for BPW Finland green team members: Kukka Lehmusvirta, Päivi Isotalo, Lahja Laitinen and Eeva Peltonen for being such a support in this 4 year adventure by rising awareness among green and environment.

How do you see equality in Europe? What positive changes do you recognize? What needs to be developed?

In Europe, we have made significant strides towards gender equality, particularly in terms of legislation that supports women's rights and workplace equality. Positive changes include increasing representation of women in leadership roles and stronger legal frameworks to combat discrimination and harassment. However, there is still much work to be done. We need to address the gender pay gap more effectively, ensure equal opportunities for women in STEM fields, and continue to challenge societal norms that hinder true equality.

BUT I have to say – no planet, no women rights and that’s why we women should stand up and protect our nature in every way we can and know.

How can international cooperation support women's position/empowerment/sense of community?

International cooperation is vital in supporting women's empowerment and fostering a global sense of community. By sharing best practices, resources, and experiences across borders, we can build stronger networks and advocate for policy changes more effectively. International forums provide platforms for women to voice their concerns, celebrate achievements, and collaborate on initiatives that drive change. This collective effort amplifies our impact and ensures that our voices are heard on a global scale. We need to build among BPW internationally green ambassadors movement, so we all know and are aware of our footprint and make bigger handprint.

How would you encourage young women to get involved in BPW?

To young women considering involvement in BPW, I would say: seize this opportunity to join a dynamic and supportive community dedicated to your growth and empowerment. BPW offers a unique platform to develop your leadership skills, expand your professional network, and make a tangible difference in the pursuit of gender equality. Your voice and your actions are powerful—by getting involved, you can help shape a more equitable future for all women.

If you don’t believe then see my experience – the mission to change people hearts green again is spreading and I´m getting support allover the world. Last year our Earth Day campaign reach was 600 000?

My Mission and Vision for Green and Sustainable Practices

This year, a green resolution, prepared by the task force, was adopted and will be presented globally at the BPW International Congress in St. Kitts, having been approved regionally in March 2024. My vision is to implement the green and sustainable resolution among all BPW members. The world we live in is in constant change. At an ever-increasing pace, we need to keep up with technological innovation, replace outdated activities with sustainable ways of thinking, and cope with a growing flood of information.

We women can only make a difference and shape a green and sustainable world if we take action. If we want women to lead sustainably tomorrow, we need women who are aware of the problems facing Mother Earth today. Knowledge about this will determine who will be a future leader and who won’t. Our goal is to shape sustainability from a woman's perspective. Therefore, we need to organize lectures, events, workshops, and hackathons in the following sectors:

  •  Sustainability in Politics

  • Sustainable Economy & Industries

  • Sustainable Awareness & Lifestyle